The quality and reliability of our services is the basis for our company to be successful in the market. Quality is expressed in all our actions. All requirements of occupational health and safety and environmental protection are an integral part of our planning. All new employees are trained very carefully.

Regular meetings are held to achieve and ensure a high common level of knowledge. It is clear to every employee that his or her personal performance, viewed as a whole, contributes to the success of the company. Everyone has the duty to point out recognized dangers and the right to eliminate potential dangers.

The most important benchmark of PEKO GmbH Anlagenbau, Wartung und Instandhaltung, is the acceptance and satisfaction of customers and employees. We have the claim to maintain and increase the trust of our customers through quality and optimal customer service. We consider the fulfillment of customer requirements, the adherence to agreements made and our service as the best recommendation for future business relations.

Furthermore, the fulfillment of legal obligations, official and statutory requirements with regard to corporate governance, project and product/service realization as well as environmental protection, occupational health and safety is ensured through systematic identification, implementation and regular auditing for completeness and compliance.

Our clearly formulated corporate policy ensures the long-term success of the company.

Our concrete goals are redefined or updated every year.

Through these clearly defined and measurable goals, we create the basis for transparency and consistent understanding of the processes as well as the interdependencies and interactions between the individual departments.

The management ensures that the corporate policy and the objectives derived from it for the continuous improvement of product and service quality are aligned with the strategic orientation and context of the organization and the concerns of its stakeholders and are as fully compatible as possible.

Our objectives are derived from corporate policy, legal and other binding obligations, identified market requirements, current environmental aspects, environmental reporting, analysis of risks and opportunities, management assessment, continuous improvement, and performance and profit orientation.